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United States Virgin Islands, St Thomas, St John, VI
Virgin Islands National Park

Caribbean yacht charter day sail featuring sailing, sightseeing and snorkeling.
A Grand Picnic afloat. A vacation in one day!

day sail High Pockets

A cut above!

A Caribbean day sail at it's finest
High Pockets in Bermuda
Painting by Jack Russell

Explore St. Thomas and St. John as few ever do!

Day sail aboard the sleek and beautiful, classic sloop High Pockets!

Imagine a day sail adventure with friends, old and new. Sailing, relaxing, snorkeling and just plain fun!

A grand picnic afloat !

Full Complement of two crew to no more than six guests

Your day.... All amenities ....All inclusive

Just bring your swimsuit, cameras, towels and sunscreen

Welcome aboard !
So happy to meet you!

Please have a seat in our spacious cushioned cockpit. Open bar all day. We offer a wide variety of beverages. Tropical juices, lemonade and sodas. We also offer beer, select liquors and Island Rum Swizzles for that "Swizzle Smile"!

Next? Lets go for a sail ! Drop the lines and slip away from St. Thomas.

Chart of St. Thomas and St. John Destinations

Where to? There are so many choices close by St. Thomas. St. John National Park. Surrounding cays. Secluded coves. All in protected waters. The stars on this chart show some of the many destinations to which we sail. Imagine gliding through the crystalline Caribbean waters as you sail past mountainous uninhabited islands. Balmy breezes in your hair. Your face warmed by the tropical sun, cooled by the Caribbean trade winds. It's all good.

At Anchor...... Following our morning sail we find a peaceful calm cove for a fantastic snorkel or just playing about with our water toys. Or, how about just lounging on our spacious the sun or shade....sipping a cool refreshing beverage? Dinghy ride to the beach perhaps?


Snorkeling...... We provide quality snorkel gear with experienced instruction. We also offer comfortable swim vests for the ease of all water fun. Snorkeling is a spectator sport after all, the slower you go the more you'll see. Noodles for just hanging out on the water. Would you like something to drink with that?

A grand picnic afloat.... Meanwhile, your captain is busy in the galley, cooking your sumptuous lunch. Prepared fresh on board daily. Dietary needs happily accommodated. Just ask. Lunch is served in our shaded cockpit....... A splash of wine?........ A bit of music?

What's next? Dessert of course!

And then? Kick back and enjoy our serene surroundings? Or, head off to a new cove for another snorkel? The decision is easy with our limited number of guests. It's a custom tailored day. Cruise ship passengers love us for their St Thomas shore excursion ! We love the lazy day feel of sailing with small groups. Travel in larger numbers than six? We'll call our friends for a tandem sail with a few boats in the mix. That's always fun!

Homeward bound..... A leisurely sail brings us back to St.Thomas relaxed and refreshed. A day sail is like that!

Contact Captain Kathleen to reserve your day sail today!

phone: 340-690-0587

High Pockets 6292 Est. Nazareth #100 St. Thomas,VI 00802